...the leakage of fluids 

Candia Technology offers sealing systems for the resolution of the leakage of fluids in various flange connections in the industry and in the construction of equipment.
It offers the best technology in the market by providing multiple solutions from the most specific requests for service and design.
Meets the requirements from the point of view of rigor chemical and hydraulic.
The selection of seals is based on key criteria such as:
the analysis of the conditions of service, the verification of chemical and mechanical compatibility with the constituent materials, the verification to the pressure, the temperature, the fluid and the load to be applied, the verification of the factor of elasticity and the choice of the correct type  of installation.
Candia Technology manufactures gaskets according to the international standards in force while also providing support in the construction of a custom product request depending on the requirement.
The range Candia Technology includes seals:
spiral wound ,in elastomer, metal and metal-plastic, not metal, PTFE and PTFE modified, special profiles, for valves, metal o-ring, high performance metal seal, packing.

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